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Terry Steventon is a well renowned Hair Salon based in Bournemouth that has been driven to its dizzy heights of success by husband and wife team Terry and Vicki Steventon.

As with many high achievers Terry started his career in a humble arena with a summer job in a local salon.

Terry's aspirations to become a fashion designer soon took second place as the bug to become the best possible hairdresser bit! He went on to join a large Bournemouth based group of hairdressers, where he spent the next few years honing his skills and fine tuning his creative flair - before deciding to take up a teaching post at The Bournemouth Hairdressing Academy. Terry recalls his tenure at the Academy with great respect.....

"I have realised, in hindsight, my teaching at the Academy was to be a time of setting some of my strongest foundations for the future. Working with the students was such a source of creativity and passion - it was a real pleasure to advise them in their growth and help them find their confidence. I learnt as much from them as I trust they learnt from me!"

Terry quickly progressed to the respected role of Director of Training at the Academy and will always look back on that period of his career with fondness and gratitude.

After the Academy the next obvious step for Terry was to become a proficient business man. The Terry Steventon dream was already starting to manifest in Terry's mind - and he knew running a great business took more than the accolade of being a great hairdresser! He had an opportunity to embrace the challenge of a failing salon and not only resurrected it - but tripled its turnover in the first 12 months - much to the delight of the Directors. It was around this time that Terry met his future wife and business partner to be - Vicki.

Vicki had been enjoying her own exciting life up to this point as a professional ice skater - to the level of being signed up for holiday on ice no less! So it is no surprise that the teaming up with Terry has been such a creative success.

Vicki trained with a well known major salon group and become an accomplished hairdresser in her own right - prior to her meeting Terry when their dreams and aspirations became a joint venture.

Vicki is very much the 'front of house' of the business and very much the 'back of house' of the business!

"I really enjoy interacting with our clients new and existing - and each day brings a fresh experience in through the front door! Lots of our customers have been coming to us for many years and so we know a great deal about what is going on for them in their lives - and like to be kept up to date! The running of the business can be challenging at times - but all the hard work is worth it at the end of the day to see our dreams continuing to unfold".

Keeping a close eye on the administration and a beaming smile on the clients - Vicki certainly ensures the good ship Terry Steventon stays on course in calm waters.

2003. The launch of Rage!


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